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Experiments in symmetry.

This is for D.P.A. in the morning.


Here are your comments about the square-based pyramid. They should help you when you make your shapes and describe them!

Operation 8: Interview Questions

1) What are your favourite sports, and why do you like them?

2) If you could meet anyone (dead or alive) who would it be, and what makes that person special?

3) Do you like books and movies that have twists? If you do, what kind of twists do you like (a classic twist or never-before-seen twist)?

4) What about the afterlife? What makes it great or not?

5) What makes a good plot?

6) What is your favourite movie?  Give three reasons for your choice.

7) What animal is your favourite? What made you choose that animal as your favourite?

8) Do you like singing in front of people, and what song would you sing?

9) Do you think frosting is too sweet or yummy? Do you think that toppings would make it better or worse?

10) Would you rather have the world end or the zombie apocalypse arrive? Why?

11) Would you stay in for recess to get an A+ or go out and play? If you stayed in, would you give your best effort or not?

12) Would you rather be royalty or a superstar?  What makes them different?

13) What is your favourite book that you had a lot of experiences with? Why did you pick that book?

14) If you got a ticket to go any place (real or made up) where would you go?

15) If you could have three wishes, what would they be?  What makes those wishes special?

16) If you could be a winter olympics athlete, who would it be? Do you like his or her sport?  Explain.

17) Who do you think is better?  Leo Messi or Kobe? Say why your choice is better.

18) Who is your best friend and when did you meet him/her?

19) What is your favourite movie and why?

20) If you had to pick between two of your favourite movies, which would you pick and can you explain your choice?

Introduction: The part we chose was when we meet Sanka. We chose that song because Sanka is a funny person who cheers people up by being funny. The song sounds funny and Jamaican which matches Sanka’s personality. It makes us feel that something funny and happy is going to happen.

Rising action: The part we chose was when the Jamaican bobsled team was fighting at the bar with the Austrian bobsled team. We chose that song because when the Jamaican bobsled team is fighting it is funny and serious because it’s the Jamaican bobsled team’s first fight together. The song makes us feel like something bad is going to happen. The song is thrilling it shows that something serious is going to happen.

Climax: The part we chose was when the Jamaican bobsled team crashed during the final race. We chose that song because it sounds sad and the Jamaican bobsled team was so close to finishing the final race.They let their country down. The song resembles because it is an intense moment. The song makes us feel upset  because the Jamaican bobsled team trained so hard to get to the winter Olympics.

Falling action:The part we chose was when the Jamaican bobsled team carried their sled and everyone was clapping.We chose that song because the lyrics say “clap along if you feel like a room without a roof” and everyone was clapping for the Jamaican bobsled team. It resembles because the music was happy and so was everyone else. It makes us feel joyful because even if the Jamaican bobsled team got eliminated they showed their pride for their country.  

Conclusion: The part we chose was when the head of the Olympic commision hanged the photo of the Jamaican bobsled team. We chose this song because maybe the place where the head of the Olympic commission hanged the photo was a hall of fame and the Jamaican bobsled team was representing their country for the winter Olympics and to remind people they were the first Jamaican bobsled team. The song resembles because it sounds Jamaica and all the Jamaicans are proud of them.It makes us feel proud and remind us that we should follow our dreams.

 - Jithya,Kathy,Aaliyah

Some answers from today’s problem.  


                              Cool Runnings Soundtrack  

Introduction :For the introduction we were looking for a song that feels jubilant. Another word  we should say is calypso. We were looking for a song that feels jubilant or (aka calypso) because when Derise was running it was sunrise (aka morning). We also noticed that  the sunrise was in a way, related to lion king, and we thought lion king was a joyous movie. So we  decided to put a jubilant or calypso song for the introduction. Which in this case the song that we chose was “Roar” by Katy Perry. Another reason why we chose Roar by katy perry was because in the lyrics it says “Cause i am a champion and you are gonna hear me roar louder and louder.” and we thought this really matched with the movie because he believes he is a champion and you will hear him roar (more on  that later). This is the link to the tune of the song (Roar) The tune of the music matches the part of the movie because since the song is high pitched it usually means that the song is happy and if the song is deep it usually means that the mood of the person is sad/upset. We feel excited because just by watching a tiny part of the movie we already feel excited and we are really eager to find out what will happen next.

Rising Action: In the rising action we were searching for a song that feels ambitious. Another word you can say is confident. We thought an ambitious (aka confident) song was perfect because at this point in the movie the bobsled team (aka Derice, Sanka, Junior, Yuel, and Coach Blitzer) were in whole different city (aka Calgary) to win a gold medallion in bobsledding. Which they had no experience in until they met Coach Blitzer. Once they arrived to Calgary they were freezing their nee-nee’s off. But they didn’t care because they mostly  focused on getting gold in the competition. So after we thought  of  ambitious songs that could fit this whole part  we said to each other “What better song to choose than Midnight Memories by One Direction.” This part in the movie made us think of Midnight Memories because a line in midnight memories says “Anywhere we go never say no just do it, .” and Derice, Sanka, Junior, and Yul proved that anywhere they go they would never say no and they would just do it, do it, do it.  This is the link to the instrumental part of the song (Midnight Memories) (with the backvocals) The tune of the music matches because the tune sounds very joyous and at this part of the movie the team is joyous. We feel when the jamaican bobsled team finally arrived to calgary (aka Canada) because they kept faith in themselves.

Climax/Crisis: We were looking for a song that was fierce. We were searching for a song that was intense because when they crashed in the movie the song was intense so we want a song that is fierce  as well. We were also hoping to find a fierce song because in this part of the movie the team has no fear. We can tell that they have no fear because when the other teams say something  abominable to them they don’t care because they know that  they are just rude people. We chose the song “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry because in the chorus there are the words there is no fear now and the words there is no fear now and the words  match the part of the movie because the team shouldn’t have any fear against the other teams. This is the tune of the song”Unconditionally” The tune of the song matches because the tune of the song is This makes us feel that we should never listen to the other people that say bad stuff about them.

Falling Action : In the falling action we are looking for a song that is slow because the part for our falling action is when the Jamaican bobsled broke down and the stopped for a few minutes and all the ambulance came o see if they were injured and if they were okay but then they all stand up proud and happy because they did a lot of work just to come to calgary and ride on their bobsled so they were walking to the finish line because Derise needed to cross the finish line no matter what he wants to know the feeling so they crossed the line and the crowd goes crazy for them and they were happy to accomplish  that opportunity. The song for the falling action is let it go by Idina Menzel so the words from the songs that matches this part of the movie is “let it go can’t hold it back anymore let it go let it turn my back and slam the door” so the song is saying to the story let it go don’t hold that you lost turn your back and start again that would be are description of this part of the movie. This is the link to the karaoke version of the song “Let It Go”( which in our soundtrack we chose the version where Idina Menzel sang it but the song was made by Idina Menzel) The tune of the song matches the part of the movie because it sounds deep and then it becomes more powerful which matches because at the beginning of their walk there was no one singing but then after, people started clapping which matches to us.  

Conclusion: Our conclusion of this part of the movie is when Derise, Sanka, Yeul, and Junior take a picture with their coach because they were the first Jamaican bobsled time and nobody can not forget that because it was the first time that a country hot country did a event that was a really cold event but they all worked hard to stand the cold and make it somewhere really close to a winning point but they tried the made it very close. The song that we used was “Live While We’re ”by one direction the part of the song that matches the meaning of the movie is the line in the chorus that says “Live While We are Young so the Jamaican bobsled team won’t forget that they had a  team  full of best friends and all the things they did together using teamwork. This is the link to the karaoke version of the song “Live While We Are Young” . The tune of the song matches the part of the movie cause the tune is very joyous and at this part of the movie the team is very proud and happy.

How we feel about the movie:

We feel that the people who created this movie definitely hid a message in the movie. We are estimating (guessing) that certain type of people can find the message and sometimes people can’t because they are probably just enjoying the movie and saying how AWESOME the movie is. But we feel the people who made the movie tried to say that “Even if your dreams didn’t come true, keep dreaming because there are more than one path to succeed in your future career.” So to sum it all up the people who made this probably just wanted to say “keep dreaming and reach for the stars.”

                        Written and Edited By: M.A.E. (Marie, Aster, and Eliza) <3


Cool Runnings 

We choose Happy  for the introduction because in the beginning when Sanka was in the push cart race he felt happy and confident that he was going to win and it says in the song bring me down can’t nothing  and that’s like saying if you bring him down it won’t do nothing.

We choose Timber for the rising action because when the Jamaican bobsled team was learning how to walk on ice they keep on falling and in the song they say timber when a tree or something is falling (bobsled team.)

We choose If I Die Young for the climax because it’s sad and there going crash and they might die or get hurt in the bobsled and in the song it says if I die young and they might.   

We choose Waving Flag for the falling action because the music sounds happy and proud and they feel the same way. In the song it says to give me freedom and the other bobsled teams think they’re a joke and when they start carrying the bobsled to the finish line everyone starts clapping and giving them the respect they deserved.

We choose Roar for the conclusion because in the song it says your going to hear me roar and that means there going to show how powerful they are.

Lauryn, Frances, Janice


Introduction: In the introduction it introduces the four Jamaicans. This plot is when Junior trips with Yul Brenner and Derice. This is why we choose this as are plot. This part is happy when Derice is winning but it becomes a suspense moment. Although, it is still suspense when he is winning because we don’t know what is happening. Suspense is the song we chose for our introduction because it is suspense at the beginning but right away turns very, very wavering. This song should be sadder because it makes me feel sad but it was hard to find it. It should be sad and suspenseful at the same time when he Derice trips. All in all, this is an insecurity part.

RISSING ACTION: Our plot for the rising action is when they make the qualifying round with the help of Coach Blitzer and Larry. We choose S.O.S by Collie Buddz. We wanted to change the lyrics to S.O.B. (a.k.a. save our bobsled.) This is a good song for this part because it sounds Jamaican and it should be since it is the first Jamaican bobsled team. They should be proud for they have gone to a place with totally different weather and were freezing their “nanaes” off.  We feel this song gives a deep feel about how much you need to strive to earn something in life.  As well, there is conflict happening with Junior and Yul. To sum up, this is a step closer to their success. 

CLIMAX: In the climax it’s their final run they are ready with dignity. As the race begins they are satisfied with their success in their previous runs. While there half way through the race the gears nut loosened and they crashed hard. We chose Sail as our song because it has very hard beats that match the crash. The begging is still but it turns very intense.  One part of the song’s lyrics says “I blame it on my own supply.” They didn’t have the best supply. This song has lyrics blaming the singer in this case we do not want that. This song makes me feel suspenseful and scared because they are only half and no one knows what could happen. When they crash they are almost at the finish line.

FALLING ACTION: Our plots is about when they carry the bobsled to the finish line and finish the race and while that happens his dad and audience are clapping and they’re getting appreciated and each of them has the fans got hyped they got a team picture with their coach.

They are the winner of this game. They won as full hearted heroes. The song we chose is Hall Of Fame. We chose this song because if you want anything you could. In the lyrics it says that if you “Dedicate yourself and you be standing in the Hall of Fame.” They pushed them self and went to a different country and sacrificed themselves for a totally different sport and got good at it. They got into fights with other teams and pushed themselves out of it. They were a totally different team and know are good as any other team there.

CONCLUSION: Our conclusion is when they take the picture. Then the president for sports for Jamaica hangs the picture on the wall. The song we chose was Alalala long because it sounds appreciated for Jamaicans and is a good memory for Jamaicans. For the credits

We chose Marilyn Monroe because it makes us feel comfortable as a credit.

By, Samson, Renush, Yoni, Paul, J.C 

Intro (Meeting Yul): We used Sail because when we were meeting Yul during the summer race. We pick this because the music is a deep beat when they fall in the race. Also the song sounds like makes it seem like a manly part and by Yul’s Facial Expressions he seems like a tough manly guy. The deep beats make it sound like a manly song. This song makes us feel tough and confident.

Rising Action (Raising Money): For this part we used Happy Times because it is a happy/funny time by seeing the smiles on all their faces. The song has a Happy Calpso tune. Since we couldn’t hear what is was really says I think it said “We hear the children singing” and “Hear the people dancing”.

CLIMAX (Crash): We used Skyfall because the lyrics and music match perfectly because when Adele says it’s the skyfall it sounds like she is falling in a deep hole and the music sounds like the people who are listening to the song feel like there falling into the hole too.

Falling Action (When they get up): We used Roar because the part and the lyrics is about feeling like a champion because the team gets up and walks to the finish line.

Conclusion: ( When they take the picture) We used burn because they feel proud of them self because they didn’t but they continued the race anyways and it makes them feel happy because they were the first ever Jamacian Bobsled Team.

By: Maxinne and Denise

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